Of otters and nobs
I like your comic thing, aee you still working on it?

Oh. Nawbz?? Umm… if people were interested I suppose… honestly it’s a lot more work than I’d thought it would be and a little help would be nice but yeah I might kick out a few pages here and there if people still want to read it.

>Take note of what’s in the room, attempting to ignore the creepy nail guy.

You do your best to try and ignore him while taking note of what’s in the room. It appears the only real thing of note besides him is a large window.

>Ask him how he got there! there’s gotta be some kind of explanation for the nail in his head!

You decide it’s not use to just keep being freaked out by this guy and finally decide to converse with him. You ask him about the nail. He says “I don’t remember I just woke up this way.” You find that a little hard to believe but don’t push any further.

>Is that a window? Borrow Jack’s shoe and throw it through the window.

Obviously all of the first ideas that come into your head are the best ideas so you bring it up. He says, “It’s really cold in here and I don’t want to lose it.” You say, “Oh…” and drop it. He says, “You can probably just open the door if you can find the keycard.”

>Flirt with him a little, that’ll relax you.

You decide that that shoe idea is just way too good to give up on and attempt to change his mind with your womanly charms. He just blinks at you a couple times before saying, “What are you doing?” Embarrassed you decide to give up on the shoe plan. For now.

>Shake his hand! Greet the poor bastard, he has a nail through his head.

You try to introduce yourself but only manage to stumble over your words. After a bit of incoherent babble and stuttering your own name he simply says “I am Jack.” and returns to staring at you. You’re getting very uncomfortable.

>Edge slowly around room and try the door (note window).

You slowly inch towards the door but his eyes follow you as you go. As you get close enough to touch it he speaks up again. “It’s locked.” He says, “I already tried to open it.”

>Just to make sure, inspect room for any features you may have missed.

You give the room one more look over and discover a small button indented in the wall behind one of the pipes. It’s too small to push with a finger but you make quick use of your screwdriver and press the button. It clicks into place and you hear a swooshing sound nearby.

>Suck it up and go through with it already!

Oh. Apparently it made the rest of the ladder come out of the wall. Well that’s cool you guess, even if you could’ve just used the box again.


You climb up to the top of the ladder to be greeted once again by the guy with the nail through his head. It seems while you were fiddling with stuff downstairs he’s managed to pry himself from the wall. Now that you’re up here you’re far too scared to know what to do.

>Knock on the door, see if anything happen.

>See if door will open outward.

You decide to try a few more things on the door. Unfortunately it only seems to open one way and that’s towards you. You decide to knock a few time to see if who or what is holding it shut will let you through but that doesn’t seem to work either. Either there’s no one there or they’re incredibly rude. You’re not sure.

>If a hammer can get those hinges off, go get one. That friendly fellow upstairs didn’t seem to be using his.

As much as you don’t want to you are quickly running out of options. You push the box back over here and set it back to its original position but you’re still not entirely sure you want to go through with this.

>Try to lift the chest, or unscrew the lid and take it off.

You try but all you manage to do is flip the thing on its side. Not that it’ll do you much good like this since you can’t get on top of it without knocking it back to its original position.

>Put the card in your mouth for safe keeping.

You’re already storing it safely in your inventory, it wouldn’t do you much good to put it in your mouth. Besides, you might choke! You decide to keep it where it is for now.

>See if you can use that screwdriver to pick the lock on the other panel. Or break the lock, whatever.

After moving the chest to the other side of the room so it’s out of the way you try to work your magic on the lock. Unfortunately you don’t really have any experience with this sort of thing so all you really do is jiggle it around in the keyhole a little, obviously yielding no results.

>Attempt to use the card to jimmy the lock on the door.

As you mentioned before the door doesn’t actually seem locked, it’s more like something’s holding it shut from the other side. Still, you might just knock whatever it is loose with the card so you try it anyway. Unfortunately it doesn’t work. Fortunately your INGENUITY goes up by 1 from all these great ideas you keep having!

>Use screwdriver and pliers to remove hinges from door

The doors hinges are way too heavy for you to be able to get them off with just these tools. You’d at least need a hammer and you’re not entirely sure that you’d be able to move it after you got it off the hinges anyway.

>Just start jamming that card into things.

There doesn’t really seem to be anything fit for jamming the card into. Perhaps it’s for one of those weird puzzles somewhere else in this place.

>Use screwdriver to remove meter from wall! For science!

>Use the screwdriver to unscrew the panel. Maybe there’s a way to change the thermostat from there.

There doesn’t appear to be any controls in here. In fact, it doesn’t look like this panel is connected to anything at all. You wonder just how accurate the meter even is. Also there seems to be a card in here, you’re not sure if it’s labeled 01 or 10 but either way you decide to stick it in your inventory.

>See if you can get the chest over to the door. Maybe you can use it to get some extra height to unscrew the vent.

> Can you use the chest to try and at least reach the point that you can hop up and look in that grate above the door?

You replace the panel with the meter on it since you don’t want to clutter your inventory and move the chest across the room. Unfortunately otters aren’t really known for their jumping ability and you can’t see into the vent, let alone unscrew it. All that physical labor for nothing.

>Stay the fuck away from the windows.

While you’re not entirely sure how valid some cryptic letter you found in the room you’re trapped in there don’t appear to be any windows here anyway so you should be fine.

>Examine that thing next to the door that looks like it might be some sort of meter?

And a meter it is indeed! It seems to be some sort of temperature gauge. And, as you stated earlier, it is really really cold in here!

>Ponder what your name is.

>Hmm… What is your own name, again?

Your name? It doesn’t take a whole lot of pondering since you definitely remember your own name. It’s Lily.

>And read the letter.

Though it’s not for you you decide to check it out anyway. It’s really cryptic and you don’t really know what the sender is talking about but it sounds dangerous. You decide to stash it back in your inventory for now.